Hokies Provide Shelter-Materials to Earthquake Victims

Nepalese Student Association at Virginia Tech will deliver the first lot of relief materials to the affected communities in Nepal. Through the fundraising campaign #HokiesforNepal, we have collected more than $5,000 in donations so far, and still counting. For now, we have decided to send $4,500 to Tupche village in Nuwakot district in coordination with a non-government organization, Sahayata. Sahayata will help us in providing corrugated galvanized iron (CGI) sheets to the 75 households of Tupche village. The victims will use these sheets to build semi-permanent houses for the upcoming monsoon season. As the monsoon season is about to start in a month in Nepal, the pre-monsoon rain has already started to ruin the daily livelihoods of the people. These shelters will help them save food and keep their clothes dry. The CGI sheets can also be reused later in building permanent houses after the monsoon season. The villagers will contribute local materials as well as labor to build the houses.

Tupche is a small village, located in the bank of the Trishuli River, which lies 88 km North from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The village is on the way to the Langtang National Park, a famous tourist destination for trekking and mountaineering in the country. The village area was hit the hardest by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 25, 2015 and other major aftershocks including the one of 7.3 magnitude in May 12, 2015. All the buildings are either completely destroyed or not in a livable condition. As the earthquake hit during the noon, most of the people were outside of their houses. Among those who were inside, some managed to escape however, some elderly, women and children couldn’t make it and were killed. 24 people (6 males, 10 females, 5 boys, 2 girls, and an infant) were killed during this disaster. The office of village development committee, a high school and a public health center were also completely destroyed.

We plan to send other materials soon after collecting more money.