We the students of Virginia Tech establish an organization by the name of Nepalese Student Association—hereinafter referred to as the N.S.A—as permitted and authorized by the Division of Student Affairs.  As a part of the proud Hokie nation, N.S.A will adhere to the Virginia Tech Student Code of Conduct at all times.



The purpose of the N.S.A shall be to:

i.         Provide opportunities for members to explore, and enjoy the Nepalese culture, and tradition.

ii.         Promote unity, friendship, and diversity among members.

iii.         Organize and encourage active participation in:

a.     Nepalese festivities.

b.     Social and cultural activities.

c.     Community events in the Blacksburg area

d.     International events in coordination with other interested organizations.

iv.         Provide peer counseling, advising, and aid to new members.



N.S.A strives to be an equal opportunity, non-discriminatory association; membership to the association will not be restricted based on race, color, gender, religion, national-origin, disability, sexual orientation, or age.


Section I:

A student-member is an individual who:

i.         Is enrolled at Virginia Tech with at least one credit hour and

ii.         Has paid the appropriate annual membership fee—refer to Section II.


A community-member is (are):

i.         An alumnus of Virginia Tech who was previously a member of the N.S.A or

ii.         Families in the Blacksburg area who express an interest in the N.S.A or

iii.         Faculty and staff of Virginia Tech who express an interest in the N.S.A.


Section II:

The membership fee is an annual fee of $10. This is subject to change with future amendments to the Constitution – refer to Article VI




An officer is a student-member (refer to Article III, Section I) who:

i.         Is enrolled at Virginia Tech with at least six credit hours and

ii.         Has been elected by a majority vote and

       iii.     Is not under academic probation and

iv.         Is appointed to one of the following positions:

a.     President

  • Serve as the head of the Executive Committee.
  •  Organize and coordinate all NSA activity.
  • Serve a maximum of one academic year.

b.     Vice-President.

  • Serve as the acting-President in the absence of President.
  • Assist in organization and coordination of all NSA activity
  • Maintain an inventory list for the NSA.

c.     Secretary.

  • Responsible for maintaining an accurate list of members and keeping an updated listserv.
  • Keeping a record of all meetings and the issues discussed.
  • Official spokesperson for NSA.
  • In the absence of the President and Vice-President, the Secretary takes charge of the President’s role.

d.     Treasurer.

  • Responsible for the NSA bank account.
  • Responsible for keeping track of all receipts and disbursements made on behalf of NSA.
  • Receive membership dues and any other moneys on behalf of NSA.

e.     Historian.

  • Updating the NSA website with information
  • Maintaining a record of past years and current year activities.

f.      Event Coordinator.

  • Keeping track of past and future events (including events on campus that NSA is not involved in) and the necessary deadlines, and relaying that information to members.

g.     Public Relations Officer.

  • Help promote NSA within Virginia Tech and in the Blacksburg community.

h.     Web-Administrator.

  • Maintaining the website.


All officers must possess great time management skills. Officers must try to attend all NSA activities such as: General Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings, Event Preparations and the actual Events. In the event of multiple absences (5 or more in an academic year) without a valid reason or repeated disregard to punctuality, the officer in question shall vacate his or her position. The Executive Committee will appoint a new student-member to the position if necessary.



Advisor will be either a faculty or staff at Virginia Tech. Advisor will be selected by student-members. The primary role of Advisor will be to provide guidance and support for NSA. Advisor may not have a voting power.



Section I:

The election shall be conducted annually during the end of the spring-semester, to determine the officers for the next academic year.


The voting shall be open for 48 hours, and the results shall be announced within 48 hours after the polls have closed.


Section II:

Only student-members are allowed to vote in an election.


Section III:

The election shall be organized by the current president of the N.S.A, which include:

i.         Conducting the election.

ii.         Announcing the results of the election with the vote-counts.

iii.         Report the election results to the advisor.


Section IV:

i.         In case of an empty position with no standing candidate, the president-elect will appoint a student-member to fill the position.

ii.         If there is a tie in the vote-count, a second election will be conducted specifically for that position.

iii.         If there is only one candidate running for a position, with no opposition, that individual will automatically be appointed to that position.



Section V:

In case of a dispute of any nature, the president is responsible for calling a general meeting and resolving the situation.



Neither the executive committee, nor the faculty advisor shall have the right on its own to amend the constitution.


This constitution can be amended anytime with the following requirements fulfilled:

i.         The amendment shall not violate the Virginia Tech student code of conduct. Refer to

ii.         A written formal request in the form of a letter or email to amend the constitution is presented to the executive committee specifying the article, and the section to be amended.

iii.         The written, formal request to amend the constitution must be officially sent by mail or e-mail to all student-members at least two weeks prior to the next general meeting. This general meeting must be held within 1 month of the receipt of such request.

iv.         The amendment will be ratified if it garners two-third votes from the student-members at the general meeting.