Bikal Paudel

Vice President

Agrima Poudel

Agrima Poudel is a senior at Virginia Tech who is majoring in Environmental Science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a career relating to water science and quality. Along with the Nepalese Student Association at Virginia Tech, she is also a member of the Virginia Tech Student Engagement and Campus Life team, as well as a member of the Environmental Student Association. Occasionally, she also likes to write articles for the Collegiate Times, specifically articles relating to science and the environment. She loves to go hiking, to read, and to watch Netflix. She also loves to meet new people, and can be reached though Facebook or through email at pagrima@vt.edu.

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Suskriti Dixit

Suskriti Dixit is a junior at Virginia Tech who is majoring in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise and minoring in Psychology. At Virginia Tech, she is involved in the Nepalese Student Association as well as the Pre-Pharmacy Club. Last year, she served as an event coordinator for NSA and this year, she hopes to take on more challenges for the club as secretary. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she hopes to attend Pharmacy School and expand her knowledge about medicine. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, gardening, cooking, outdoor activities, and watching Netflix. She is available at suskriti@vt.edu or on Facebook.



Anuja Mishra

Anuja Mishra is a junior at Virginia tech majoring in Business Info. Technology with a concentration in Decision Support System and Operations Supply Management. She graduated from Blacksburg High School with advanced diploma in June 2014. She is a fun loving person who likes to get involved in extra-curricular and outdoor activities. She serves as a VP of Recruiting for Association of Latino Professionals of America and is an active member of BIT club. After graduation, she plans to get a job and wait a few years before heading to grad school. In her free time, she likes to dance, hike, listen to music, watch Netflix and meet new people. If you would like to contact her, please feel free to find her on Facebook or email her at anuja@vt.edu.


Public Relations

Alok Baral

Alok Baral is a junior at Virginia tech, who is planning on majoring in biological sciences and is currently part of Virginia Tech honors program. After doing some volunteering work at a small health center in Nepal, he decided to pursue a career in medicine. He hopes to attend medical school after graduation. Alok is an active member of Delta Epsilon Mu and a Resident Advisor at Main Campbell. In his free time, he loves to listen to music, volunteer, cook, and watch Netflix. He is open-minded and always eager to meet new people. If you have any questions or want to contact him, he is available at alok96@vt.edu or on Facebook.

Events Coordinator

Smriti Kandel

Smriti Kandel is a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She graduated from Chantilly High with an Advanced Diploma in June 2014. After doing a year in Northern Virginia Community College, she transferred to Tech in Fall 2015. She is very interested in fields related to aerodynamics and propulsion, and if she ever goes to graduate school she hopes to pursue this field. Along with Nepalese Student Association, she is also an active member in Society of Women’s Engineering (SWE), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and is pledging one of the professional engineering fraternity (Theta Tau). Apart from studies she has an interest in dancing and singing. During her free time she likes to play violin, hangout with friends, watch movies with her roommate and get involved in any sort of outdoor activities. She is a very fun loving person and loves to interact with people so don’t hesitate to come talk to her. She is available at ksmri95@vt.edu or on Facebook.



Nishant Gnawali

Nishant is a sophomore honors student currently studying Computer Engineering with a Computer Science minor. He is from Manassas, Virginia where he has lived for two years. Prior to that he lived and grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia where he lived for a decade. In his free time he likes to partake in outdoor activities and is a big fan of hiking and the outdoors in general. Nishant also likes to play soccer in the Drillfield, play video games, and hang out with friends. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree he plans on working in the industry for a few years then going to graduate school for an MBA. If you would like to contact Nishant he can be reached at gnawalin@vt.edu or on Facebook.

Web Administrator

Sushant Bhattarai

Sushant Bhattarai is a senior in Computer Engineering. He is from Chantilly, VA (NOVA) where he has lived for most of his life. He came to Virginia Tech in 2013 after graduating from Chantilly High School. In his free time he likes to play sports such as soccer and football. Apart from sports he likes doing home DIY projects like home automation, servers, and more. He also really likes to listen to music and watch travel shows. His favorite TV shows include Game of Thrones, South Park, Breaking Bad, Man vs. Food, and Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. Sushant plans to get a job right out of undergrad and wait a few years before going back to school for an MBA. After getting an MBA, he hopes to start his own company. If you would like to contact him, you can message him on Facebook or email him at sushantb@vt.edu.